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RCES 1st Annual Book Swap
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Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Rogers Creek Elementary Library Book Swap

The idea of a Book Swap came from another librarian in the county, and I just spun it a bit for the students of Rogers Creek. The original plan was to have each child that donated a book to be able to take a book leaving those without the ability to donate still without a book. However, I wanted each child regardless of donation to be able to take a book into their home. Like many schools in our area, we have many children who do not have books in their homes nor the money to buy books. With this in mind, I wanted them to have their own books to take home and to read, to explore, and to enjoy with their family.

In January, after we came back from Christmas break, I asked children, teachers, parents, and the community to donate books in good condition to the first annual RCES Book Swap. I suggest that the books could be ones they no longer wanted, had outgrown, had received from the Dolly Parton foundation, and had read at all ages. The books could be fiction or nonfiction. For about three weeks, I collected books nonstop. I wanted to make sure we had enough so that every child could take at least one book home. Some brought in one book; others brought in multiple books. I got as excited as the children looking at all the good books that were graciously donated. Each and every book was appreciated and loved which made it possible for us to have more than enough books for our maiden Book Swap.

On the appointed day, the books were spread out on the library tables and counters. When the classes had a few minutes throughout the day, they came through the library where the students squealed with excitement because they got to choose a free book. It was wonderful to see them going from table to table with a grin on their faces trying to find just the right book for them. We had a few books left over, so we started on our next goal which is to gather enough books so that each child can take two books next time. We already have about 350 books, and we need 700 total, and it was so easy. Read on!

Yvonne King,

RCES Librarian

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